Ages 4-5


THE SONGS By this age, kids really love to dive into interactive songs. Whether they’re clapping, spinning, dancing or blasting off, their imaginations are running wild. Singing along and shouting out silly responses keeps their mouths as busy as their wiggly bodies!

FUN & GAMES We play lots of games that get the kids involved and giggling. Acting out funny stories with hand plays is always a favorite for this group, and passing out rhythm instruments makes everyone a part of the band. Musical games like The Hokey Pokey, Freeze Dancing, and The Limbo are some of the biggest crowd pleasers, and no one can resist getting in on the name-rhyming song. For outdoor parties, parachute games are hard to beat.

SPECIAL SONG REQUESTS Most kids have a couple of songs they love to sing along to and never seem to get tired of hearing. If I don’t already know their favorites, I’m happy to learn them. I just need at least 2 weeks’ notice (for 1-2 songs).

GIFTS & GOODY BAGS The birthday child gets a FREE CD ! My CD also makes a great goody bag gift, and party hosts can buy 5 or more for a discounted price of $6 each.

LET’S CHAT! Each party is unique… just like your child. I’d love to hear more about your birthday boy or girl so we can get this party to really reflect his or her personality.

LENGTH Plan on 45 minutes of fun-packed games and songs!

PRICING Pricing may vary slightly depending upon when and where the event is taking place. CALL OR EMAIL me so I can provide an accurate quote.

START TIME I like to begin 15 minutes to 30 minutes after the guests arrive. That way the kids are fresh, focused, and ready to participate.

EATS In general, I find it’s best to serve food after the entertainment is over.

FOCUS If you want the kids to be tuned in mostly to the musical fun, then keeping other options to a minimum is a good idea. But if offering additional sure-to-please choices to the kids is important to you, then that’s okay, too. Just be aware that toys, swing sets, pools, or bouncy houses will distract from the musical entertainment.

TOOT! TOOT! Handing out party hats, favors and noisemakers is ideally done after the music is finished. The kids will want their hands free to make some noise with the percussion instruments I provide during the show.