I have been enthralled with kids’ music for more than a couple of decades now, and to this day, children never cease to amaze me with their astonishing perception and the hilarious things they say. I feel oh-so-lucky to be able to do something that I enjoy so much. Here’s the scoop about where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and how I came to be an entertainer for kids.

I grew up on the north shore in Massachusetts, and – with the exception of an 8-year hiatus in the northwestern mountains of Maine with my husband and daughter– Massachusetts has been my lifelong home. I began my career as a solo folk artist playing guitar and harmonica in Boston coffeehouses. I also performed for a period of time with The Faculty, a cover band before returning to my acoustic roots and folk music. Along the way, I met the man who would become my future husband, John Nesbitt, an Irish musician from County Derry in Northern Ireland. At the time he was a member of the much-acclaimed Irish folk group, The Bards. A year after tying the knot, he and I formed our own duo, Glenshane Irish Folk Duo. We have continued to play together in Glenshane for (well) a lot of years now. Our CD is called Road to the Mountains.

When our daughter, Julia, was a toddler, I became smitten with kids’ music and began writing children’s songs and entertaining kids in libraries, schools, and at birthday parties throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Julia was a great musical barometer for me throughout her childhood and kept me on board with which songs she thought were the true chart-busters.

I chose the professional name of Jeannie Mack because of my husband’s pet name for me. Since my given name was Jean McIntosh, he began calling me Jeannie Mc way-back-when. I liked the nickname so much that I decided to use it professionally, spelling out the name, Mack, so people would know how to pronounce it. I answer to Jean or Jeannie.

A few years ago, I recorded a CD of 12 children’s songs called I Like Feeling Good About Me. It includes three of my own originals. You can order it here on my site where you can also hear clips of my songs. Copies of the CD are available at my shows as well.

I entertain families and kids aged 1-8. My repertoire includes originals along with the traditional favorites and songs by leading kids’ artists. I offer children’s party entertainment, Halloween programs, Christmas & Winter entertainment, and programs for schools and libraries. I perform throughout New England, but most often you can see me in and around Boston.




Jeannie Mack