THE SONGS Halloween songs about pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, trick-or-treating, friendly ghosts, tickly spiders, and silly witches are the order of the day.

FUN & GAMES Did I mention the Pumpkin Patch Polka? We “tap, tap, tap, clap, clap, clap…polka all day long!” Rattling our bones on The Skeleton Dance is another way to let loose. Then we top it all off with a few Halloween hand plays and finger plays, and we’ve got a home run!

RHYMES & HUMOR A few short rhymes and silly Halloween jokes make the show extra-fun – for the adults, too!

HALLOWEEN STORY Boo! I use a pop-out book to help me with the visuals for this story.

COSTUME & PROPS To set the mood, I place several Halloween eye-catchers around me – a huge jack-o-lantern, a witch’s cauldron, a sister and brother scarecrow couple, a not-too-scary witch and her furry black cat, and a plush skeleton boy. I also use Casper, the Friendly Ghost and haunted house visuals to enhance related songs. And to help me figure out “who lives in this spooky house,” I enlist the help of three puppet friends – a mouse, a bat and a ghost.

PARADE For the grand finale – if space permits – the kids get to show off their costumes as they march around to a familiar but slightly revised song called “The kids go marching one by one…down to the town, in the Halloween parade!”



AGES 6 – 10 “Halloween Fun”

THE SONGS My song themes – all participatory – include the eerie sounds of Halloween, how to get rid of the heebie jeebies, how to keep a monster out of your house, and why the number “9” disappeared out of the count to ten – to mention a few.

FUN & GAMES In private settings my Halloween entertainment includes a caldron game that kids love and a Halloween version of a well-known Christmas song called, “The 12 Days of Halloween” with accompanying props. Rattling off tongue-twisters is also a popular activity at my Halloween parties and shows. The kids can’t wait to try their skill at these silly word plays!

HALLOWEEN STORY Eek! I do one Halloween story per event. I have 3 or 4 that I can choose from to suit different occasions.

RHYMES & HUMOR Absolutely! Lots of short rhymes and spooky humor are interspersed throughout the program.

COSTUME & PROPS To set the mood I wear a long medieval-style dress. And to set the scene, I place several Halloween eye-catchers around me like pumpkins, a caldron tangled in spider webs, a witch’s broom, a pumpkin man, and more!