Schools & Libraries


IN THE CLASSROOM In childcare settings, pre-schools and kindergartens, music is such a great learning and communication tool. Using hand plays, finger plays, songs to sing along to, rhythm instruments, scarves, puppets – even a small 6 ft. parachute – I insure that kids always enjoy a fun and varied learning experience. I make it a point to include seasonal songs each visit that reinforce topics kids may be learning about at that particular time of year. If I’m visiting a school on a regular basis as a music specialist, I’m always happy to work with teachers and provide additional songs to go along with specific lessons.

SPECIAL EVENTS I love entertaining families and kids at end-of-school picnics, enrollment events and holiday parties, too!




GENERAL PROGRAMS I think libraries provide the perfect setting for bonding kids with music. I bring my interactive songs to libraries as I do to all my other venues. Children are encouraged to participate in any number of ways – by clapping, singing, dancing, shouting out a response, or acting out a song, etc. Whether I’m leading a group of toddlers, pre-schoolers, or grade-school kids, my programs are always age-appropriate and fun.

SPECIAL THEMES I often create shows based on summer reading themes for libraries. I perform 2 Halloween-themed programs as well – NOT A FRIGHT IN SIGHT – for kids aged 1 – 5 and HALLOWEEN FUN for 6 to 10 year-olds. For the month of December I offer a couple of different options: a full-blown CHRISTMAS PROGRAM and a special “winter” program called WINTER SONGFEST which includes a couple of secular Christmas songs, a Kwaanza, song, a Hanukkah song, and fun, participatory songs about the winter season. This program is perfect for kids aged 2 – 7 and is also available throughout the cold months featuring just a winter theme without the holiday songs.